How to apply for easy pass to use while driving on highways in Thailand


Easy pass is an electronic toll collection system (ETC) which is the latest technology to use for collecting expressway fees in Thailand by Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT). This technology can help solve traffic problems in front of checkpoints so it is more convenient for drivers as easy pass users can drive through special Easy Pass checkpoints immediately.

How does easy pass work?

There are 2 ETC systems which are open and close systems. Open system is to collect fix fee on the way in but charge according to how far you take on the way out. You do not need to line up to pay with employees at the checkpoint but you need to open an account and top up money in advance at least 300 baht.

There are 2 types of card that you will get as follow:

  • Easy Pass Card (OBU or Tag): it contains 19 digits to stick with the car’s windshield. When your car passes through the easy pass checkpoint, it will connect to the antenna to read and take money out of your account.
  • Smart Card: it contains 10 digits which is called S/N number to use for topping up money in the user’s account.

How to apply for an easy pass online?

Document you need to apply for is your passport. You can apply online via TrueMoney Wallet Application. You will pay 352 baht as 52 baht is for service and delivery fee to send it to your home.

  1. Go to “top up money and billing menu”
  2. Click “apply for easy pass”
  3. Add your car number plate, brand of your car, colour of your car
  4. Add your address
  5. Choose Mr. Mrs. or Ms.
  6. Add your phone number
  7. Take a picture of your passport
  8. Sign your name
  9. Pay money via a true wallet (You need to top up money first.)

Other way to apply for an easy pass online

Apart from online applying, you can apply for easy pass customer centre as follow:

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